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Air Filters

The most often recommended is the HEPA type filter. Honeywell, Envirocare, and Holmes all use the HEPA
technology. The good ones are also listed as being a “class II medical device” (approved for u se in hospitals and in medical applications). HEPA filters are very costly. Other suggestions include getting a high efficiency filter for your central system and change it every 2 – 4 weeks. Alpine Air puts out a good air cleaner/freshner as well.


A doctor who is conversant with allergies can test you and determine exactly what it is that you are allergic to. With that established, you can plan how to reduce that particular set of allergens, and get the most results for your efforts. Many people can also get a series of shots to desensitize them to the allergens and also obtain effective medication for controlling asthma attacks, for exmaple.

Strategic Isolation

Keeping the pet out of the bedroom of the affected person in many cases helps.

Bathing and Topical Applications

ACT50468Because dander is very often the culprit in allergic reactions to pets, making sure that the animal is frequently washed and groomed will reduce dander, saliva and shedding. In particular, many cat owners experience relief if they bathe their cat monthly in plain water (no shampoo or soap necessary). This bit of research was done at Cornell and is covered in Cat Fancy (August 1992). In addition, there are products such as Allerpet-D (for dogs) and Allerpet-C (for cats) that can be sprayed onto the pet, to reduce dander.

STOP Publications:

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  • Click here for an overview of various causes of allergies and what to do (a commercial site – PureAir – but has some good information.

Helpful Links:



  • AKC Breed List – Dogs that generally do well for people with allergies.


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